Virtual Forum on 

Improving Cross-Border Effectiveness of Personal Data Breach Notification Systems

2021 APEC Virtual Forum

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021 via ZOOM 

While different economies have different personal data protection systems, taking common and consistent measures in response to personal data breaches worldwide has become necessary. In particular, if personal data is breached in an economy without a personal data protection system, more efforts need to be made to minimize damage.

Trust in data management is important for the sustainable development of the digital economy. The APEC Privacy Framework 2015 promoted the necessity of security safeguards against the risk of data breach in Principle 7 (Security Safeguards). 

This project will supplement the previous APEC initiative and reinforce the competencies of member economies so that the Asia-Pacific economy can use personal data safely and fairly at home and abroad. As a result, APEC economies are expected to provide users with an environment for safe use of personal data, and therefore contribute to the development of the digital economy. 

The objective of this project is to discuss the current situations and policies of APEC member economies in regard to personal data breach notification systems in an effort to globally share responses to personal data breaches in the digital environment. To this end, participants will include policy makers, government officials, legal experts, privacy enforcement authorities, and personal data experts, who are in charge of designing and implementing policies related to the notification of personal data breach.

This project will consist of an online Forum for APEC economies on “Improving Cross-Border Effectiveness of Personal Data Breach Notification Systems.” Through the participation of APEC member economies, the forum will contribute to reinforcing the personal data capacity of its APEC members, as well as improving knowledge of personal data breach notification systems and methods in different economies by doing the following:

  1. Improving understanding of problems related to personal data conflicts in digital trade, including cross-border enforcement issues
  2. Facilitating awareness of personal data breach notification and discussing systems and policies that can prevent secondary damage to users in case of international problems
  3. Strengthening the structure of the digital economy through the sharing of personal data breach notification systems, policies, and processes of solving problems

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