Improving Cross-Border Effectiveness of
 Personal Data Breach Notification Systems

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

The digital economy is enabling the cross-border use of products and services, accompanying a cross-border flow of personal data. Accordingly, Asia-Pacific’s regional economy needs to establish an environment for the safe use of personal data and sustainable development in the digital economy. A mechanism facilitating the free flow of information and data for the development of the Internet and Digital Economy, while respecting applicable domestic laws and regulations, is necessary. To respond to possible data breaches, assist in the protection of personal rights, and promote information utilization, this project plans to share the breach notification system of each APEC member.

This project will contribute to realizing the strategic goal of APEC that supports comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable growth through the Digital Innovation Sub-Fund. APEC presents the Internet and Digital Economy Roadmap and places emphasis on the issue of reinforcing reliability and safety in the use of ICT.

The objective of this project is to share an understanding of and opinions on the current situation of the different personal data breach notification systems of different economies. It aims to identify the necessity, direction, and basic principles of the personal data breach notification system to invigorate the digital economy of APEC member economies. 

The Forum - in which APEC member economies, corporations, and research institutes are participating - will be held on September 8th, 2021